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About Us
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Address: Intersection of Lanzhu East Road and Jinlan Road , Pingshan New Area , Shenzhen , China


In 1995, Shenzhen Xinquanli Machinery Co., Ltd. was established as a professional sofa machinery company in China. 

In 1998, the company tried to establish a cooperative relationship with Germany's WITOX Company. 

In 1999, the company decided to establish a strategic alliance with Germany's Martin Company. 

In 2000, independent research and development of new sofa machinery and equipment;

In 2004, the company was named "Shenzhen Technology Innovation Enterprise" title;

In 2004, the company set up offices in Longjiang, Shunde, and after-sale maintenance points in Longjiang, covering Shunde, Foshan, Panyu, Nansha, Jiangmen, Heshan, etc., and in 2004 in Malaysia Asia set up dealers, responsible for Southeast Asia market development; 

In 2005, the company and related departments involved in the formulation of sofa industry standards; 

In November 2005, the company participated in financial aid activities to assist 23 pupils in poor areas of Guizhou to pay their annual tuition fees and fulfill their corporate social responsibilities; 

In 2005, the company set up a dealer in Spain, which is responsible for the development of European market business; Set up a dealer in Mexico 

In 2006, responsible for the South American market business development;

In 2009, the company was approved by the first plenary meeting of the China Furniture Association sofa professional committee, approved the company as a "committee member unit"; 2010 public Division established & ldquoldquo; East China Office ", senior manager responsible for the whole East China after-sales service business development;" 

In 2010, the company launched the latest development by the company, the sofa pillow production line controlled by PLC, the production line to solve the sofa production of a variety of filler combination, the first time to solve the problem of quantitative determination of proportion; 

In 2010, the company partnered with Nanjing Forestry University to establish the domestic "sofa Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center";

In 2011, the company further expanded its official landing in the large industrial zone of Pingshan New District of Shenzhen City; 

In 2013, the company cooperated with the professors of the University of Mississippi in the United States. Sofa advanced manufacturing mode;

In 2014, the company established "North China Office", senior manager responsible for the whole North China after-sales service business development;