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About Us
TEL: 86-755-84192359
FAX: 86-755-84192373
Address: Intersection of Lanzhu East Road and Jinlan Road , Pingshan New Area , Shenzhen , China


Our twenty years continue to grow, to implement the people-oriented management philosophy, convinced that the staff is the largest resource, but my colleagues have the same idea, with the co innovation, the common progress of the spirit, it is fundamental to our years to the stability and development of the.
Twenty years our company always uphold the integrity is the highest principle, with the cooperation of manufacturers, build good relationship of mutual trust of customers and employees, in order to sustainable management. With the changing environment, we adhere to innovation, R & D dozens of new products, advancing with the times.
Management policy
With the development of new products, new technology application as the core, to marketing as a leader, as the interests of customers as the foundation of the company, to meet customer demand for the company's first demand.
Business objectives
Continuous research, innovation, continuous leader sofa machinery industry.
Enterprise mission
Committed to the sofa manufacturing enterprises to achieve industrial upgrading, standardization, mechanization, information to add momentum to the sofa production.
The spirit of enterprise
To serve as the basis, to the quality of survival, innovation in science and technology for development.